30.12.2019 - Maritime Administration Discovered 10 New Wrecks in 2019

The Estonian Maritime Administration (EMA) hydrographers surveyed almost 1164 square kilometres of seabed and lake and river bottom, using hydrography vessels Jakob Prei, EVA-320, EVA-301 and Kaja belonging to the Administration. Of the total, 1025 square kilometres of surveys was carried out at sea, 30 in lake Peipsi and 9 in the Suur Emajõgi river. By comparison, in 2018 almost 1700 square kilometres was covered in all. The survey operations depend heavily on the weather conditions and water depths – the deeper the water, the bigger an area can be covered at one time.

The Maritime Administration of Estonia is a governmental agency operating within the area of government of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications, which has a managerial function, exercises state supervision and applies enforcement powers of the state on the bases and to the extent prescribed by the law.

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Estonian Maritime Administration

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A Maritime State setting a course to be followed

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