On the southern coast of the island of Kihnu on the tip of cape Pitkänä there is a majestic white lighthouse.

In 1863, three Gordon system cast iron lighthouses were ordered for Vormsi, Virtsu and Kihnu. Kihnu lighthouse, one of the four cast iron lighthouses on the coast of Estonia still standing, was manufactured by Brothers Chance & Co. (England) and it was assembled on the spot in 1864. The works were completed in 1865 when the lighthouse began working. It had a metal lantern and a Fresnel device of the 3rd category, with the visibility of its light being 11 miles.

In 1882, the lighthouse started operating on petroleum. In 1996 Kihnu lighthouse became fully automatic and there is no need for a lighthouse keeper. It has preserved its originality - nothing has been changed except for modernisation of its equipment.



Region: Pärnu County     Coordinates: 58.09705 N, 23.9711 E
Light: night     Light characteristic: Fl W/R 12 s
Height from base: 28 m     Focal plane: 29 m
Visibility of light: 11 M     Year of construction: 1864

Information about visiting Kihnu lighthouse can be found on the Visit Estonia website.

Last updated: 28 January 2020