Naissaar lighthouse is situated on the northern end of the island of Naissaar on the northern coast of Estonia, separating Tallinn bay from the rest of the Gulf of Finland. It is an important aid for seafarers when navigating in the area. As early as in the 13th century Naissaar itself was mentioned in written sources as a navigational mark for ships bound for Tallinn.

In 1788, wooden beacons were erected on the northern and southern extremities of Naissaar on the proposal of the Russian admiral Samuel Greigh. In time they fell into decay and in 1849 the northern structure was replaced with a round 38-metre grey limestone tower.

During the Crimean War in 1854, British and French troops plundered the premises and burnt down the surrounding service buildings, but afterwards the lighthouse was restored into working order. In 1879 the lighthouse had a rotating lighting device with 12 oil lamps and reflectors, with a focal plane of 38 metres and a visibility of 13 miles. The device made a full circle in a minute, showing light for 10 seconds.

In 1900, the lighthouse complex had a telephone connection with Tallinn and a fog bell for poor visibility. 25 years later there was an international signal station that communicated with ships with the help of flag semaphore. The old stone lighthouse and its outbuildings were blasted by Soviet soldiers in 1941. All service buildings that can be seen today, except for the cellar, were erected in the 20th century.

After the war a temporary wooden tower served as a replacement; its height was 38 metres and the focal plane was 46 metres. The bottom half of the tower was later painted white and the top red, and when a 45-metre reinforced concrete octagonal lighthouse with a focal plane of 47 metres was built in 1960 it was painted in the same way. This simple and traditional looking lighthouse was one of the last ones in Estonia to have a lighthouse keeper, who retired from service in 2004.

Region: Northern Estonia     Coordinates: 59.603683 N, 24.5106 E
Light: night     Light characteristic: LFl W 10s
Height from base: 45 m     Focal plane: 47,6 m
Visibility of light: 12 M     Years of construction: 1788, 1960

Information about visiting Naissaar lighthouse: phone +372 5147238, e-mail toomas.luhaaar[at]cobalt[dot]ee

Last updated: 30 January 2020