The rear lighthouse of the Suurupi leading line is situated on the Suurupi peninsula, high up on the limestone cliff about a kilometre from the coast. The Suurupi leading line is made up of Suurupi rear and front lighthouses which stand a little over 2 kilometres apart.

Suurupi lighthouse rear was completed in 1760 at the request of Rear Admiral S. Mordvinov who made a report to the Russian Admiralty Board explaining that new lighthouses needed to be built in the Gulf of Finland for the sake of safety of navigation. Over a century later, in 1898, extensive repair works were carried out, renovating the tower and the quarters for the personnel.

In 1944, the lighthouse was hit by a bomb; fire destroyed the lantern room, stairs, etc. Renovation of the lighthouse was undertaken in 1951 when a round superstructure was added to the top, so the height from base increased, reaching 22 metres.

More repairs and restoration works have been carried out later, replacing the lantern room in 1998, raising the height of the light and installing a new LED lighting device. Now the light is visible 360⁰.




Region: Northern Estonia     Coordinates: 59.46355 N, 24.3803 E
Light: day     Light characteristic: O W 15 s
Height from base: 22 m     Focal plane: 66 m
Visibility of light: 15 M     Year of construction: 1760

Information about visiting Suurupi rear lighthouse is available on the Suurupi Society homepage and Visit Estonia website.

Last updated: 28 January 2020