Tahkuna lighthouse is situated on the norhternmost end of the Tahkuna peninsula in Hiiumaa Island. The construction of the Gordon system cast iron tower began in 1873. This design is based on prefabricated cast iron plates which are easy to transport and assemble. The technique was developed by British engineer Alexander Gordon, who had first devised a prefabricated cast iron lighthouse for Morant Point, Jamaica, in 1841.

Tahkuna lighthouse has withstood time well. It stands in its original form and was only marginally damaged in wars. In 1920 the lantern room was equipped with optical lenses ordered from England.



Region: Hiiumaa and Läänemaa     Coordinates: 59.0914 N, 22.586183 E
Light: night     Light characteristic: LFl W 15 s
Height from base: 43 m     Focal plane: 43 m
Visibility of light: 12 M     Year of construction: 1875

Information about visiting Tahkuna lighthouse is available on the Visit Estonia website.

Last updated: 28 January 2020