Vormsi lighthouse, or Saxby lighthouse, stands on the northwestern coast of Vormsi Island and is the first Gordon system cast iron lighthouse erected in Estonia. It is also the oldest lighthouse on Vormsi, completed in 1864.

In World War I, in 1918, the lighthouse was badly damaged, but it was renovated after the war. Later its outward appearance has not been changed, only the equipment has been modernised.

The blinking light of the 27-metre Vormsi lighthouse is visible from a distance of 12/7 miles. One of the four surviving cast iron lighthouses, it is an important dominating feature in the cultural landscape of the island of Vormsi.

Region: Hiiumaa and Läänemaa     Coordinates: 59° 1′ 39″ N, 23° 7′ 3″ E
Light: night     Light characteristic: Iso W/R/G 6 s
Height from base: 24 m     Focal plane: 27 m
Visibility of light: 12 M     Years of construction: 1864, 1871

Information about visiting Vormsi lighthouse is available on the Visit Estonia website

Last updated: 28 January 2020