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Unofficial translation of Directive No. 1-1-1/31-OP of 26 March 2019

Conclusion of Icebreaking Activities

On the basis of subsection 45 (5¹) of the Maritime Safety Act, and section 2 and subsection 4 (3) of Regulation No. 265 of the Minister of Economic Affairs and Communications of 23 December 2003 “Procedure for Icebreaking Activities”:

1) I conclude the icebreaking season in Pärnu Bay as of 26 March 2019;
2) I repeal Directive no. 1-1-1/6-OP of 11 January 2019 by Director General of the Estonian Maritime Administration;
3) This Directive shall be published in Notices to Mariners, on the MA website, and transmitted via NAVTEX.

/signed digitally/
Rene Arikas
Director General

Last updated: 27 June 2019