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Rene Arikas

Director General

Director General manages the work of the administration, decides and organises the performance of the functions within the competency of the Administration, and is responsible for the results.

 Phone: +372 620 5500
E-mail: rene.arikas[at]vta[dot]ee   


Marek Rauk

Deputy Director General - Head of Maritime Safety Division

The objective of the activities of the Maritime Safety Division is exercising state supervision over compliance with the requirements of safe water traffic and maritime security, arising from legislation, on ships and recreational craft and in enterprises, institutions and ports; as well as protection of the maritime environment in terms of technical supervision of ships, and investigation of marine casualties in cases stipulated in legislation.

 Phone: +372 620 5700
E-mail: marek.rauk[at]vta[dot]ee 


Kaidi Katus

Deputy Director General - Head of Hydrography and Aids to Navigation Division

The objective of the activities of the Hydrography and Aids to Navigation Division is ensuring the collection, processing and distribution of information about navigational conditions in Estonian maritime waters and navigable inland waters, as well as creation of conditions for safe water traffic on public waterways, including supervision over the compliance of waterways with the requirements stipulated in legislation.

 Phone: +372 620 5600
E-mail: kaidi.katus[at]vta[dot]ee



Anu Angerjas

Deputy Director General - Head of General Administration Division

The main function of the General Administration Division is the achievement of the objectives of the Maritime Administration through a cohesive and balanced development and integration of various areas, and the preformance of the activities that support the daily work of the Administration.

 Phone: +372 693 5705
E-mail: anu.angerjas[at]vta[dot]ee


 See the organisational chart (186.11 KB, PDF) to display the structure of the MA


Last updated: 6 January 2020