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06.02.2019|Government Office

Ice Conditions in Pärnu Bay Are Becoming More Difficult

All ships entering and leaving the Port of Pärnu need icebreaker assistance, as the ice conditions in the bay are becoming increasingly more difficult. At the moment, the edge of the ice sheet is approximately 26 nautical miles towards the sea from the piers of the Port of Pärnu and the thickness...
31.01.2019|Government Office

Journal of Maritime Administration Affairs 2 / 2018 is Available

The new issue of the Journal of Maritime Administration Affairs has been published. This issue focuses on the highlights of the year 2018. The publication can be read by following this link or by opening the drop-down menu under "Organization and Contacts" and selecting a suitable link there.
11.01.2019|Government Office

Icebreaking Begins in Pärnu Bay and Gulf of Riga on 12 January

On Saturday, 12 January 2019, the multipurpose vessel EVA-316 begins icebreaking operations in Pärnu Bay and the Gulf of Riga. The tug Protector is planned to be used as a backup icebreaker if need be. According to a directive issued by Director General of the Maritime Administration, as of 19...
18.12.2018|Government Office

The Maritime Administration wishes everyone happy holidays

The Estonian Maritime Administration wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and seven feet under the keel! View our Season's Greetings 
12.12.2018|Government Office

18 New Wrecks Discovered by MA in 2018

The hydrographers of the Estonian Maritime Administration surveyed about 1,662 square kilometres of the waters in Estonia in the navigational season of 2018 and discovered, among other things, 18 new wrecks. The MA database contains information about 531 wrecks in total, all marked on navigational...
04.12.2018|Government Office

MA Now Accepts E-Invoices From External Partners in Europe

Our partner Fitek has made it possible for the Estonian Maritime Administration to send and receive e-invoices all over Europe. The e-invoicing service is provided through PEPPOL (Pan-European Public Procurement Online) which enables partners to exchange standards-based electronic documents (e-...
19.11.2018|Government Office

Kõpu Lighthouse Elected People’s Favourite

The opinion poll organised to find out people’s favourite lighthouse in Estonia revealed that almost a quarter of voters selected Kõpu Lighthouse as their favourite. The results were announced at the 100th anniversary of the Estonian Maritime Administration on 13 November. This was also the...
01.11.2018|Government Office

MA Organises an Opinion Poll to Find Out People’s Favourite Lighthouse

The Estonian Maritime Administration is inviting people to vote for their favourite lighthouse in Estonia. The lighthouse that receives the greatest number of votes will be announced on the 100th anniversary of the Administration on 13 November. This will also be the Administration’s present to the...
25.10.2018|Government Office

A Documentary To Be Made About the Legendary Icebreaker Tarmo

A Documentary To Be Made About the Legendary Icebreaker Tarmo   The first screen tests of a documentary to be made about IB Tarmo belonging to the Estonian Maritime Administration were filmed on board the vessel. The documentary aims at showing viewers the colourful world of icebreakers and...
19.10.2018|Government Office

Director General Visited Croatian Colleagues

Director General of the Estonian Maritime Administration Mr Rene Arikas visited the Maritime Safety Directorate of the Croatian Ministry of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure on 16 October. Mr Arikas received an invitation from the State Secretary of the ministry, Ms Maja Markovčić Kostelac, who...