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12.06.2019|Government Office

A New, Mobile-Friendly Version of Web-Based Map Application for Land and Sea Areas

A new version (2.0) has been launched of the X-GIS map application for Estonian land and sea areas that combines data from the Maritime Administration and the Land Board. The user interface now has several new tools and is more mobile-friendly, easy to use on mobile phones. Version 2.0 is available...
06.06.2019|Government Office

See the interactive map of Estonian lighthouses opened to the public

Today there are 12 lighthouses in Estonia that the Estonian Maritime Administration (MA) has opened to the public in cooperation with local communities. Now the MA has also complied an interactive map that displays information about those lighthouses. At the end of May, Osmussaar lighthouse opened...
30.05.2019|Government Office

Osmussaar Lighthouse – 11th Lighthouse Open for Public in Estonia

On 24 May 2019, Osmussaar lighthouse was opened for the public as the 11th lighthouse that welcomes visitors in Estonia. In addition to the lighthouse in the island of Osmussaar, also Kihnu, Ruhnu, Sõrve, Vormsi, Tahkuna, Ristna, Kõpu, Pakri and Suurupi rear and front lighthouses can be visited by...
26.03.2019|Government Office

Icebreaking Season Is Over

On the basis of subsection 45 (51) of the Maritime Safety Act, and section 2 and subsection 4 (3) of Regulation No. 265 of the Minister of Economic Affairs and Communications of 23 December 2003 “Procedure for Icebreaking Activities”, Director-General of the Estonian Maritime Administration has...
20.03.2019|Government Office

Launching Seasonal Floating Aids Has Begun in Gulf of Finland

Due to this year’s mild winter the Estonian Maritime Administration could start launching seasonal floating aids three weeks earlier than usual. This week floating aids began to be launched in the Gulf of Finland. 345 seasonal spar buoys and 45 buoys are launched for the navigational season in sea...
20.03.2019|Government Office

Ice On Pärnu Bay Is Breaking Up

Since the beginning of this winter’s icebreaking season on 13 January 2019, the MA multi-purpose vessel EVA-316 has provided icebreaker service on 178 instances. The distances for ships moving in convoy vary from 8 to 10 nautical miles. The edge of the ice sheet is 10 miles from the piers of the...
06.02.2019|Government Office

Ice Conditions in Pärnu Bay Are Becoming More Difficult

All ships entering and leaving the Port of Pärnu need icebreaker assistance, as the ice conditions in the bay are becoming increasingly more difficult. At the moment, the edge of the ice sheet is approximately 26 nautical miles towards the sea from the piers of the Port of Pärnu and the thickness...
31.01.2019|Government Office

Journal of Maritime Administration Affairs 2 / 2018 is Available

The new issue of the Journal of Maritime Administration Affairs has been published. This issue focuses on the highlights of the year 2018. The publication can be read by following this link or by opening the drop-down menu under "Organization and Contacts" and selecting a suitable link there.
11.01.2019|Government Office

Icebreaking Begins in Pärnu Bay and Gulf of Riga on 12 January

On Saturday, 12 January 2019, the multipurpose vessel EVA-316 begins icebreaking operations in Pärnu Bay and the Gulf of Riga. The tug Protector is planned to be used as a backup icebreaker if need be. According to a directive issued by Director General of the Maritime Administration, as of 19...
18.12.2018|Government Office

The Maritime Administration wishes everyone happy holidays

The Estonian Maritime Administration wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and seven feet under the keel! View our Season's Greetings