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11 January 2019 - 2:58pm
EVA-316 Source: Estonian Maritime Administration

On Saturday, 12 January 2019, the multipurpose vessel EVA-316 begins icebreaking operations in Pärnu Bay and the Gulf of Riga. The tug Protector is planned to be used as a backup icebreaker if need be. According to a directive issued by Director General of the Maritime Administration, as of 19 January 2019, 00:00 hrs, all ships entering or leaving the Port of Pärnu and assisted by an icebreaker are required to have ice class 1C (Lloyd’s Register) or an equivalent ice class given by another classification society, and to have engine power no less than 1600 kW. Barges towed by tugboats will not be given icebreaker assistance.

Two icebreakers are planned to carry out icebreaking operations in the Gulf of Finland – the Tarmo and the Botnica. This season’s icebreaking budget is about 6 million euros; fuel consumption will depend on ice conditions and the number of ships requiring icebreaker assistance.

See also the ice chart of the Estonian Weather Service.

Additional information: winternavigaton[at]vta[dot]ee