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31 December 2020 - 12:25pm

On 1 January 2021 the Civil Aviation Administration, the Maritime Administration and the Road Administration will be merged into the Transport Administration that will be their legal successor.

The Transport Administration will be a competence centre uniting all modes of transport and a developer of a safe, comfortable and fast traffic environment. The Transport Administration will focus on improving mobility, so that people and goods could move from location to location smoothly, using one or several solutions and modes of transport.

The Transport Administration will do its utmost to ensure availability of convenient services and destinations, smarter usage of land, air and water routes and healthier and eco-friendlier traffic. The Transport Administration will also design smart mobility solutions and implement policies and projects covering all modes of transport.

These changes in the sphere of transportation are part of the extensive state reform programme with over 30 actions in numerous sectors. The Transport Administration will be headed by Director-General Kaido Padar.

Available from 1 January will be the new common information phone line 620 1200 and the e-mail address for general enquiries: info[at]transpordiamet[dot]ee. E-mails sent to the old addresses of the three institutions will be automatically forwarded to the new e-mail addresses in the form of name.surname[at]transpordiamet[dot]ee. This is the website of the new Transport Administration: Some sections of the website will be redirecting visitors to the old websites of the three institutions.

Legal address of the Transport Administration: Valge Street 4, Tallinn 11413. Registry code: 70001490.