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10 October 2019 - 3:00pm
Keri lighthouse

The Government of the Republic has decided to allocate resources in the next year’s budget for renovation of Keri lighthouse, one of the oldest lighthouses in the Baltic Sea, which has been decaying for decades.

Ms Kaidi Katus, deputy director general of the Maritime Administration, said: “We are very happy that we now have the money to restore this historical maritime symbol. Renovation of Keri lighthouse has been one of our priorities for some time now, as in addition to being one of the oldest lighthouses in the region and still functioning as an aid to navigation, it is also a most valuable object of cultural heritage. Now we have great hopes of opening Keri lighthouse to the public, as we have done with several other lighthouses all over Estonia.” Currently 12 of the 41 lighthouses in operation in Estonia can welcome tourists.

Keri lighthouse is also on the IALA list of 100 most outstanding and unique lighthouses in the world. The Minister of Economic Affairs and Infrastructure, Mr Taavi Aas, emphasised the fact that Keri lighthouse has a history that goes back a few centuries and needs to be preserved for future generations. “At the moment the lighthouse on the little island of Keri is in a serious danger of collapsing and the Government has seen that it needs additional resources to be preserved,” he said.

The Estonian Maritime Administration can now start planning the renovation of Keri lighthouse, which will consist of several stages. First, the special conditions for heritage conservation will need to be updated and an expert analysis conducted of the technical condition of the lighthouse. Then the renovation project can be prepared. A more accurate assessment of the cost of the renovation works will be carried out after the approval of the construction project.