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10 October 2018 - 11:44am

The Maritime Administration (MA), in cooperation with several partners, cleared the Muuge channel on the Emajõgi river, getting rid of dangerous trees that obstructed water traffic. Due to the low water level the operation was carried out bathing in the cold autumn water.

According to Mr Lauri Toomiste, Head of Tartu AtoN Section of the MA, the operation was rather complicated, as the water level is currently quite low and the currents are very strong in the channel. “On the one hand, the low water level revealed a host of tree trunks that earlier were hidden under water, and on the other hand, it is precisely due to the low level of water that the currents are swift, thus requiring certain types of vessels for the operation. That is also the reason why one of our team members was wearing a special suit meant for ice conditions, in which he could swim around in the river and attach ropes to the trunks, which were later winched out of the river. All in all we removed nine trunks and stumps of various sizes,” Toomiste explained. “We are very grateful to all the landowners, Tartu Volunteer Rescue Service with their truck and winching equipment, and Ilvesmaa OÜ with their tractor.”

As safe water traffic is in in all our interests, we are thankful for any information regarding potential dangers to water traffic, out of order aids to navigation, pollution and security incidents, and any violations of safety regulations. Information can be sent to the e-mail address navinfo[at]vta[dot]ee or the 24-hour emergency phone number +372 620 5665.