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18 December 2020 - 5:16pm
Photo by Andri Meius

December is the time to look back at what happened in the ending year. In 2020, the most important moment for the Estonian maritime sector was the entry into force of the legislative amendments aimed at enhancing the competitiveness of the Estonian flag by establishing a special tax regime for shipping companies. As a result, the first ship – a tanker named Ristna – reflagged back to Estonia at the end of October.

For the Estonian Maritime Administration, each ship that comes back under our national flag is significant. The reflagging of the Ristna is noteworthy not only because it is the first ship to fly again the Estonian flag after the special tax regime entered into force, but also because it was an Estonian shipowner – one of “our own” – who opted for our flag. We sincerely hope that there are other such shipowners and we will see more ships entered in the Estonian registers soon.

Wishing to thank the shipowner for making this choice, the Maritime Administration arranged a modest ceremony to give the representative of the company AS Welton, Ms Anna Aleksandrova a symbolic gift – the Estonian ensign. Also, a souvenir with the text “You set the course for others to follow!” will be a memento for the shipowner of this day.