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The objective of the activities of the Maritime Administration is ensuring the safety of vessel traffic and contributing to the development of the Estonian maritime sector.



Our vision: 

A maritime State, a guide to maritime affairs.


Our mission:


Create the conditions for safe water traffic and contribute to the development of the maritime sector.


Our principal values:

  • We are reliable

  • We are  innovative

  • We are team-oriented

  • We are responsible


The Estonian Maritime Administration is a governmental agency that operates within the area of government of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications. Our principal aims are to ensure safe navigation in Estonian territorial and inland waters, perform Flag State Implementation and Port State Control activities.

The Administration also issues certificates of competency and endorsements for seafarers, investigates marine casualties, carries out the installation and maintenance of aids to navigation, performs hydrographic surveys, compiles both electronic and paper navigational charts and distributes information publications concerning safe navigation.

Additionally, the Administration also monitors vessel traffic in Estonian waters through the radar and AIS network and arranges icebreaker service in ice conditions. The fleet of the Administration consists of an ice breaker, a multi-purpose vessel (designed for icebreaking, combating oil pollution, firefighting on board ships and in ports, as well as installation and maintenance of buoys), special buoy tender ships and hydrographic survey ships.

Shipping is an international industry which does not recognise state borders and nationalities. For that reason co-operation is of utmost importance. Therefore the Administration works in close co-operation with many maritime administrations, especially with Finnish, Latvian, Lithuanian and Swedish colleagues.

In addition to the bilateral contacts the Administration represents Estonia in different international maritime organizations:

  • Estonia has been a member country of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) since 1992;
  • In 1994 the Estonian Maritime Administration became a member of the International Association of Marine Aids to Navigation and Lighthouses Authorities (IALA);
  • Starting from 1997, the Estonian Maritime Administration represents the common interests of the Estonian maritime industry in the International Hydrographic Organization (IHO);
  • In 2001 Estonia achieved full member status in the International Navigation Association (PIANC);
  • The Estonian Maritime Administration became a full member of the port state control organisation Paris Memorandum of Understanding in 2005.
Last updated: 17 November 2020