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Martin Kaarjärv

Icebreaking Coordinator

 Phone: +372 620 5707


The Estonian Maritime Administration owns two vessels with icebreaking capacity - IB Tarmo and EVA-316. The Tarmo services the Gulf of Finland and the multi-purpose vessel EVA-316 works in the Gulf of Riga and Pärnu bay.

 IB Tarmo

    • Built in Finland in 1963.
    • In 1993 the Republic of Estonia leased the Tarmo from Finland for 191 million kroons.
    • Her ice belt is 3.8 m wide, 33 mm thick in the bow, 32 mm in the stern and 33 mm on the sides. Fuel consumption at full power is 52 t in 24 h and autonomy 20 days and nights. 
    • Length 84.5 m, breadth 21.2 m, draught 7.4 m.
    • Main engin epower 10120 kW, speed 15.5 knots, 4 propellers, fuel consumption 30 t.
    • Crew 33.



    • EVA-316 is a multi-purpose vessel owned by the Martime Administration.
    • Built in Finland in 1980 (originally called Lonna).
    • In 2004 a contract was signed with the shipyard Vakaru Laivu for the conversion of the buoy tender EVA-316 into a multi-purpose vessel. During modifications the hull was elongated by 7.8 m, the ship was outfitted with oil-combating systems and storage tanks, and a towing notch was built to carry out towing operations in ice conditions; also, the bow was rebuilt as an icebreaker bow. In addition, new powerful firefighting systems were installed and the main engines replaced. 
    • Length 57.9 m, breadth 12.2 m, draught 3.8 m.
    • Main engine power 3x1717 kW, deadweight 260 t, 2 propellers, fuel consumption 24 t.
    • Crew 13.



    Last updated: 26 March 2019